About Donor Registration

The only way to register your decision about organ or tissue donation is by filling in and returning the donor form. You can always change the decision you have made by filling in a new donor form. Registering your decision in the Donorregister will clarify your wishes about donating your organs and tissues after you die for all those involved. It will ensure that your next of kin will not be asked difficult questions about your wishes.

It is also possible to register your decision online on the website of the Donorregister. If your decision has already been registered you will be able to check or change your registration online. Other details, such as your name or address cannot be changed. DigiD can be used to log in.

Both the paper and the on-line version of the donor form are only available in Dutch:

The personal details on the donor form will be compared with the details registered with your local municipal authorities. Information such as your name and address is recorded in the Municipal Personal Records Database (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie). If you notify the local municipal authorities of a change of name and/or address, the Donorregister will be notified automatically. You do not have to notify the register yourself.

Information regarding one's personal decision is only provided in writing and only to the person concerned. Third parties will never be provided with this kind of information. However, there is one exception. When a patient dies, the doctor is authorized to view the patient’s wishes by consulting the Donorregister. The database can be consulted by doctors 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They must follow a prescribed procedure.

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