Confirmation of Registration

You will receive a confirmation of your registration (in Dutch) for verification, no later than six weeks after you have completed and sent in your donor form. This confirmation includes your name, date of birth and the option you have chosen.

Doctors will not be able to consult the register for your decision until four weeks later. This enables you to verify your details and, if necessary, notify the Donorregister of any adjustments. If the information shown on the confirmation of your registration is correct, you do not need to respond. Your registration will automatically be made available for consultation.

The confirmation of your registration consists of a letter and a card. You do not have to carry the card on you. It is merely a reminder for yourself. When someone is dying or has died, physicians are legally obliged to consult the Donorregister. In case of loss of the confirmation of your registration, you can request a copy by contacting the Donorregister's helpdesk:
phone number +31 45 567 92 00. You can also fill in and return the form Aanvraag registratiebevestiging(PDF | 175kB) (Request confirmation of registration). This is only available in Dutch.

Registreer uw keuze

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