How to registrate?

Donor Register - How to registrate? 

Record your choice for organ and tissue donation in the Donor Register…
How does it work?
Go to the website, with your DigiD.
Or with a paper form.
Record your choice on the website with your DigiD.
Go to
and click on "Record your choice".
Then click on "Log in with DigiD".
Log in with your DigiD credentials.
Your personal details will be filled in automatically.
Enter your choice for organ and tissue donation.
Have you ticked your selection?
Then click "confirm registration" to sign the form.
Record your choice using a paper form.
Collect the paper form from the town hall...
or request one via the Donor Register.
Enter your personal details and your choice on the form.
Then sign the form...
put it in an envelope and post it to the freepost number indicated on the form.
In a few weeks you will receive a letter containing confirmation of your choice.
Modify your choice?
You can do that via
or by submitting another paper form.
Have questions or need help? Call the Donor Information Line...
0900 - 8212166 (without additional calling costs).
or check